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Short bio

Nicolas Monod

Born and raised in Montreux, Switzerland. My basic education was in classics (Latin and ancient Greek). PhD in mathematics from ETH in Zurich, awarded the ETH Medal and prize. L. E. Dickson Instructor at the University of Chicago, then promoted to Assistant Professor. Two years after the PhD, Full Professor position offered in Geneva; moved there after two more years in Chicago. Transfer to EPFL to start the chair EGG. Then Director of the Bernoulli Center 2014–2021 and president of the Swiss Mathematical Society 2014–2015.

Trivia: one of my ancestors is responsible for the eye and the e pluribus unum on the US Seal (as used e.g. on the back of the one-dollar bill).

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[EGG] [Nicolas Monod] [Invited Addresses] [Publications] [Awards] [Q&A]