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Fixed points in convex cones

We propose a fixed-point property for group actions on cones in topological vector spaces. In the special case of equicontinuous actions, we prove that this property always holds; this statement extends the classical Ryll-Nardzewski theorem for Banach spaces. When restricting to cones that are locally compact in the weak topology, we prove that the property holds for all distal actions, thus extending the general Ryll-Nardzewski theorem for all locally convex spaces.
Returning to arbitrary actions, the proposed fixed-point property becomes a group property, considerably stronger than amenability. Equivalent formulations are established and a number of closure properties are proved for the class of groups with the fixed-point property for cones.

Author: N. Monod
Bibliographical: Trans. AMS B 4 (2017), 68–93
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Warning: the formula in Definition 32 should be:
(1-ε) ‖ u⋅ f ‖  <  ‖(su)⋅ f ‖   <  (1+ε) ‖ u⋅ f ‖.

The corresponding correction has to be made for Problem 47.
[Publications][Nicolas Monod]