Ergodic and Geometric Group Theory EGG


Prof. Nicolas Monod (email)
EPFL, Station 8
CH–1015 Lausanne

Phone (Ms. Gouffon): +41 21 693 5555
Phone (direct): +41 21 693 7928
Fax: +41 21 693 5550

Office: MA C3 594

Administrative Activities

Former President of the Swiss Mathematical Society
Director of the Bernoulli Center
Member of the EPFL Tenure and Promotion Committee (CPA-E)
Chairman of the Evaluation/Titularization Committee of the School of Basic Sciences (until 2014)
Member of the Math. Recruiting Committee of EPFL
Member of the Council of EPFL teachers
Director of EGG
Student Counsellor for Math. at EPFL (until 2016) Scientific Advisory Board of the Max-Planck Institut Bonn